Back To School - Why Society Is So Lonely

Last September my kid moved to a new school where all the kids already knew each other. So I would check in with him. “Who did you play with today?’ ‘No one’ he’d reply. And my heart would break. On the third day, I decided to enlist the help of the other moms. Some were lovely and helpful and empathetic. But a couple were quite distant, dismissive. And I felt like a little kid again myself, awkward and lost, trying to make new friends in the playground.

There’s a post doing the rounds on Instagram about the importance of making shy or new kids feel welcome. We live in a time where people are lonelier than ever, where the Gen z generation in particular is experiencing record levels of loneliness. And it’s because we’ve lost all sense of community. I personally would never leave another woman standing by herself or allow another person to feel excluded. And I’ve raised my son to be the same. So I’m reminding not only the kids but the adults. Raise your kids to be kind, to include others and to think of themselves as part of a community. And apply those rules to yourself.


How To Raise a Feminist Son

We are desperately trying to right the wrongs of the past but for those of us with young sons, there’s an opportunity and indeed a responsibility to ensure we're raising a generation that knows better. These ideas are from a great New York Times article along similar lines.

Teach him that he has a full range of emotions not just angry but - I’m scared, my feelings are hurt or, I need help.

Put good men in the space of your son. Give him strong female role models, too

Allow him to follow his interests, traditional or not

Teach him to cook, clean and look after himself

Teach him to take care of others

Encourage friendships with girls

Teach respect and consent

Expect more. ‘Boys will be boys’ is not an excuse for bad behavior. 

Never use ‘like a girl’ as an insult

Read a lot, including about girls and women

Celebrate boyhood


Empowerment. Be Anything Or Be Realistic?

Here's a question I grapple with every day in relation to raising my son, and, the messaging I send out to the young women on my platforms. Do I tell them they can do and be anything or do I warn them about the harsh realities of the world?  I was raced with the former 'be anything' messaging and I don't believe I would have been able to navigate the world as I have, feeling it was against me. I have friends who were raised that way and it made them hesitant, nervous, defensive. And sometimes you need a bit of naïveté to push past that. You'll deal with the obstacles as and when they arrive, hopefully surrounded by the right mentors and support structure.

Happy New Year!


How Do We Provide Mothers With Real And Tangible Support Systems

This Mother's Day as I enjoyed the customary day off household chores and a brunch I didn't have to cook myself, I reflected on the millions of women around the world experiencing much greater challenges trying to balance the demands of career, home and children. The struggle is very real. Juggling motherhood and working outside the home is hard, like having two full time jobs. Some mornings I feel like I've already lived a full day by 9.30am. And I'm lucky. I work for myself and get to choose my own hours. Let's support mothers every day, not just one day of the year, with real and tangible support systems such as affordable childcare, paid leave, flexible working hours and equal pay. 

Photo: Sophie Elgort

Photo: Sophie Elgort