It’s Time To Stop Dad Shaming

There’s an interesting new study out and it’s about dad shaming. In the report, 52% of dads say they’ve been criticized about the way they parent, and 44% of that criticism actually came from their child’s other parent. I’ve definitely been guilty of this. From correcting the way my husband put on diapers or held the baby in the early days to disliking his tougher approach to discipline. And more recently, it’s his laid back approach to mealtime, ie pizza rather than my ‘perfectly devised’ nutritionally balanced meal plans.

Society’s assumptions about gender parental roles, which gives the mother precedent is detrimental to both parents. The study showed that not only did the criticism make fathers feel less confident about their parenting skills, it also made them want to be less involved. Obviously the latter is not ok, but it is important for us mothers recognize this behavior in ourselves and to step back sometimes, not only to let our partners the opportunity to step up but to also give ourselves a break. A less involved co-parent is more work for you. Just know that your kids actually benefit from the full parental experience, pizza and all.