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10 Ways To Say No And Manage Your Time

Women often think an easy yes is better than a difficult no but in the long term we just end up over committed, and disappointing everyone, especially ourselves. At the latest installment of our dinner discussion series, A Dinner For Ladies which was hosted by Marie Claire's Editor in Chief, Anne Fulenwider, our theme was "Stay Focused: Tried And Tested Ways To Say No". The rich conversation produced some great insights (see below). Thank you to chef Sarah Barberio for the delicious food and WelleCo for our generous gifts. 

How To Say No

Schedule non essential requests for meetings up to six months in the future and ask for questions in advance. It weeds out all but the most serious. 

Try grouping mentees into quarterly meetings. They’re likely have the same questions. 

Rather than focus on what you missed out on, hone in on what you gained instead.

Deputize yourself - ensure you have a  strong number two.

Outsource everything you possibly can!

Decide on the one thing you want to happen that day - schedule everything else around it.

If you have kids, decline early cocktails and schedule dinners after 7.30pm - that way you’re home for their bedtime. 

Every month, look back at your diary and review how you’re spending your time

Say no nicely. Never ghost. People always remember the nice no. 

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Anne Fulenwider, Dee Poku

Anne Fulenwider, Dee Poku