First job

There Are No Shortcuts To Success

Do you remember how you got started in your career? I’ve never taken the easy path in life and have worked so hard for everything I have but there’s always that little demon in the corner of your brain telling you you haven’t done enough.

Giving a speech about first jobs as part of the TueNight series at The Wing, reminded me that I’ve actually come pretty far and should own it and be proud. I also loved hearing all the funny, poignant, honest and inspiring stories from public advocate Letitia James, Stacy London, Higher Heights’ Kimberly Peeler Allen, Mallory Kasdan and Robin Gelfenbien. It reminded me that social media is just smokescreen. There really are no short cuts to success. It takes hard work, persistence and perseverance. 



TueNight at The Wing


With fellow speaker Stacy London