Women's Rights

How We Protect Roe v Wade

A Woman's Right to Choose

We all know someone who’s had an abortion. One in four women in America have one before the age of 45 and it cuts across every demographic. I fundamentally believe in a woman’s right to choose when or whether to have children and when the time is right. There’s no such thing as banning abortions, just banning safe abortions. The soon to be announced nominee for the Supreme Court could by a single vote overturn and gut Roe v. Wade. We cannot let that happen. Speak out, and ask your Senator to protect #RoevWade. We cannot go backwards.

Roe v Wade, OneinFour

Diverse Governments Should Be The Norm Not The Exception

Gender equal governments are rare around the world let alone cabinets where women form the majority. Rwanda has led the way recently, with 64% of its lower house made up of women followed by Sweden and Bolivia with 54% and 53% respectively.  And Canada has also made strides under Justin Trudeau a with gender equal cabinet.

But Spain's new leader, Pedro Sanchez just made history by forming a majority female government - 11 women to 6 men to be precise. “All are highly qualified and bring a vocation for public service and reflect the best of Spain. (The new cabinet) is pro-gender equality, cross-generational, open to the world but anchored in the European Union,' Sanchez told reporters.

Think of the possibilities if all governments were truly diverse, and issues affecting women, from affordable childcare to parental leave to reproductive rights to flexible workdays weren’t relegated to the sidelines.

Spanish cabinet

Spanish cabinet