The Leaders Of The Future

I’ve just spent an enlightening few days at the Wall St Journal ‘The Future of Everything’ festival. As I listened to panels about buzz industries AI, microbiomes and blockchain, it struck me that it’s also crucial to figure out what the leader of the future looks like. What are the skills required to survive in an increasingly disconnected, segregated and fragmented world? I would suggest authenticity, empathy, inclusivity and communication should be high on the list ie so called ‘feminine skills’. So perhaps  women are best equipped to lead us into a future that protects and safeguards our world?

Below are a selection of quotes from some of my favorite speakers.


“Authenticity is now a trend. But it’s always been important to be truthful.” Bobbi Brown


Patriarchy doesn’t just hurt women. To date society has only really allowed men to express two emotions - lust and anger. The future of men is that they get to access and express a full range of emotions and experiences.” Esther Perel


“The pace of technological change is increasing and outpacing our ability to catch up.” Stewart Butterfield, co-founder, Slack

“Democracy is what inspires me to create my beauty brands. Everyone should have access to the same stuff.” Marcia Gilgore, Founder Bliss, Fitflop

“Whatever the problem or social issue is, we can start from our own community, our own people, our own product.” Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder, Chobani


Wide eyed at the Future of Everything fest


Tina Tchen, Sarah Jessica Parker talked equality for women  


Jessica Alba on the future of beauty and wellness