Assistant, Caregiver, Event Promoter, Housekeeper - My Many Jobs As A Female Entrepreneur

Women need to learn to delegate more and I know I'm as guilty as any. Why spend time finding someone to complete a task when I can just as easily do it myself?  So I run myself ragged dealing with the minutiae of being a mother and a founder, while rarely finding enough time for the most important tasks. I read a great article from a female founder recently whose advice to female entrepreneurs was to outsource, outsource, outsource. For startups in particular, the instinct is to be frugal and save precious resources. The less spent, the more saved, the better. Right? Wrong!

All the time we expend on housework, filing, commuting, scheduling, bookkeeping etc takes us away from the valuable big picture tasks, strategizing, fundraising and generally growing our companies. Of course this isn't always financially possible but if we consider the opportunity cost of delegation, we'll realize that the long term benefits are more than worth the short term expenditure. So learn to outsource your life and you'll reap the benefits.